Breakout session 3


Breakout session 3 – Innovative ideas: delivering sustainable palm oil now!

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Submitted innovations

Satelligence – Monitoring carbon for scope 3

Sofield Agrobio Resources Sdn Bhd (SARSB) – Biofertilizers to reduce the chemical impact of oil palm farming

Sime Darby Plantations – social innovation- How to translate ILO indicators of forced labour into indicators of practice on the ground.

Sun Bear Bioworks Ltd – Precision fermentation of oil as palm oil alternative

Faculty of Agriculture INSTIPER and Kehati Foundation – Digital extension platform for smallholders

Wild Asia – Small Producer Inclusivity Alliance (SPIRAL): mill partnerships model for inclusion, traceability and certification

Borneo Futures – Transparently and reliably monitor spatial and temporal changes in wildlife populations in oil palm

Ulula – Digital solution allowing direct access with communities and workers to communicate and raise their concerns and grievances without interference from their supervisors, community leaders or plantation/factory management.

Josult Oil Limited – The Eco-Palm Fund serves as an incentive for farmers that need a loan for personal and farming purposes and are willing to adopt sustainable palm oil production.

Palmyra Polyurethane Systems Sdn. Bhd. – The manufacture of palm oil based Artificial Grass for sports and leisure.

Rainforest Alliance –  The Palm Industry Platform: A Tech-forward Supply Chain Mapping Tool to increase transparency and conduct risk assessments.

DIBIZ Pte. Ltd., Singapore – DIBIZ mobile app: Empowering smallholders to earn more with End-to-End Visibility & Traceability for trusted & verified ethical sourcing.

Sime Darby Plantations – mechanical technology – Advanced Mechanisation Technology: solution to heavy workload for workers and increasing productivity.

Rimba Collective – Collective finance platform. Rimba Collective is an initiative led by buyers and processors of palm oil to collectively support long-term, sustainable conservation, and restoration of forests.

Earthworm – Humans & Wildlife in the Sabah Landscape: From Conflict to Coexistence via community-based strategies.

H.O.W. (Happy Orangutans Worldwide) – A viral video featuring orangutans…

Team Foods – #HO is an option giving a higher olein content, thanks to the hybridization of Elaeis oleifera x Elaeis Guineensis of La Mé origin.

Restor.Eco – Restor provides ecological insights, monitoring data, and visibility to 120,000 conservation and restoration sites across 110 countries.

FORTASBI Indonesia – Lubuk Larangan, Local Wisdom That Maintains High Conservation Value. Lubuk Larangan is an innovation to restore river ecosystems.

Chester Zoo – Expanding the Sustainable Palm Oil Communities concept across the UK and worldwide.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia – A slow nutrient- release property coupled with informed nutrient application are amongst the key sustainable features of Z-genF which aims at preserving soil health, sustain yield and positively impact climate change.

Nicolipa Palm Plantation – The use of a motor bike engine and a 20 ton hydraulic jack to effectively and efficiently press oil from palms nuts.

WWF Singapore – WWF developed a digital traceability and risk assessment tool, Hamurni.



Accelerating the positive impact of sustainable palm oil in this world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). To drive forward action, we will deep-dive into key innovations, legislation, and communication in the sustainable palm oil supply chain.

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