Inke van der Sluijs

  • Function: Director Market Transformation
  • Company: RSPO

RSPOs Director, Market Transformation, Dr. Inke van der Sluijs, a PhD holder in biology, joined the RSPO in November 2013. Inke’s role in the RSPO secretariat is to lead the global market transformation by working with regional teams to ensure that supply and demand of certified sustainable palm oil grows. Supply of certified sustainable palm oil should be met by demand for positive impact on the ground. The focus of this work is on mature markets like Europe and North America but also on big consumption markets like Indonesia, India, and China. For Africa and Latin America as new frontiers, the focus is on sustainable production and creating local market demand. Inke works with the Shared Responsibility Unit and Working Group on ensuring that the downstream members develop sustainable sourcing, environmental, and social policies. In addition to that, she also supports the Standing Committee on Market Development.

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