Dr. Gerhard Ahlbrecht


Gerhard Ahlbrecht

  • Function: Responsible Care & Logistics Manager
  • Company: European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc)

Dr. Gerhard Ahlbrecht manages a variety of Technical Committees at the Brussels-based European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc), among them Responsible Care, the ESAD Steering Committee, the Logistics Committee, and the Precursors Committee. The experts of the latter work in close cooperation with the European Commission, developed guidance documents and industry best practice reference documents, e. g. Fecc Model Agreement on Voluntary Measures on Substances Subject to Trade Controls. After studying economics & political science in Germany, France, and the USA, and an EMBA in Belgium, he specialized in Responsible Care, the flagship programme of the chemical industry, not only covering health, safety, environmental as well as security concerns, but also embracing sustainability.

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