Muhammad Haris Abdullah

  • Function: Manager Certification Scheme Unit (CSU), Systems Management Department
  • Company: MPOCC

Muhammad Haris Abdullah is a highly accomplished professional with over 13 years of experience in the palm oil industry. His expertise lies in sustainable palm oil certification and oil palm plantation management. He has become a recognized figure in the industry, known for his expertise in sustainability and management system certification audits, consulting, and training. Haris's journey in the palm oil industry began with his career in the oil palm plantation and further fascination gained during the 700 audit days that he had conducted. He obtained a master’s degree in business administration to expand his expertise. In his current role overseeing the operations of the MSPO Certification Scheme in the MPOCC, Haris has played a crucial role in developing and implementing a sustainable certification scheme for the Malaysian palm oil industry. Through meticulous audits and assessments, Haris has helped numerous palm oil producers improve their practices while protecting the environment and safeguarding social responsibility. His experience and knowledge have been expanded and shared through numerous talks, seminars, and community webinars, making him a trusted advocate in communicating the prospects and perspectives of the palm oil industry in Malaysia and fostering a culture of sustainability practices.

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