Roger Steinhardt

  • Function: Private sector expert

Roger has experience in working with both forestry and agricultural supply chains in a number of environments. This work included mapping a number of raw material supply chains including palm oil on the ground, assessing social and environmental risks, reviewing certification standards, completing deforestation and land use change assessments using GIS tools and developing plans and policys around deforestation and conversion of natural ecosystems in the retail world. He has a quite good understanding of the regulatory requirements that have recently been approved at the EU level but a very good understating of the implications this will have on different players across agriculture forestry supply chains. Some companies are ready for the challenge ahead and other are just starting the journey. But what it requires is a new level of understanding, patience, cooperation, trust and sharing of knowledge and he believes we need to build inclusive supply chains not exclusive ones which is a real concern if companies begin to exclude smallholders or higher deforestation risk regions in order to de- risk their supply chains.

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