Sascha Tischer


Sascha Tischer

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More than 25 years’ experience in communications, the negotiation of reconciliation of interests, conflict communication and dialogue in multi-stakeholder platforms, with a focus on “sustainability” for more than 15 years, here also: (tropical and subtropical) food, crop and livestock farming, climate-smart agriculture, forestry and agroforestry, with a broad landscape and/or jurisdiction approach.

Committed to the preservation of natural areas, with a mission to give local communities a voice, especially in rural areas. Committed to greater environmental protection and climate-responsible consumption. Has visited production systems on all continents in the framework of his mandates.

Responsible for the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) as EU Stakeholder Relations Representative, and since 2019 also the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the association and the multi-stakeholder platform Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP).

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